Tue 26.06.12

Splurge Colourfest Wellington


The team at Splurge sure know how to throw a party! This is probably the biggest crowd I’ve played to so far, INSAAAANE!

Get ready for the next one, it’s coming 😉

Sun 3.06.12

Redbull Tagged @ Lotus Room


You know you’ve started to make your mark when your name has been on the radio, on flyers around town, when you’ve gone shopping and been asked “are you Nishy P?”

Also, having your name associated with an official Red Bull event is always a good thing when you live of that stuff! Thanks Lisa Birchall for making me a part of Red Bull Tagged!

Its halfway through the year and I’ve done more gigs than I would have even expected, Its been crazy busy and a lot of fun playing a mix of venues like Sandwiches, Tokyo Tea House, Lower Hutt Town Hall and lets not forget home sweet home Lotus Room!

Sun 1.04.12

Wreckless Crew PRESENT: PROJECT-X Warehouse Edition


Project-X Warehouse Edition

So that was quite insane! A multi-level venue with 12 DJ’s and tons of lighting and sound throughout the whole warehouse. It was pumping up until 5 hours into the night where we had “noise control complaints” and well we just moved the party upstairs! 😀

Project-X Warehouse Edition was also where Legitimate Clothing did their official launch selling their shirts, handing out business cards and show they can have a good time at the same time!

Overall the event went pretty well, minus the buzz kill by the cops 😛

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And if you’re interested in these awesome tees I’ve been talking about, check out Legitimate Clothing!