Mon 24.12.12

Splurge Welly Foamfest

Splurge has been awesome this year! They’ve been throwing events all around New Zealand and this year they even launched in Australia!

This is footage from the final Splurge event in Welly for 2012 Can’t wait for next year!

Sat 11.08.12

6 months – Progress report

6 months have passed since my first time playing @Lotus Room so I felt the need to write a little progress report.

– Started playing on weekends as well as my regular Wednesday slot
– Celebrated Lotus Room’s 5th Birthday
– Played @ Redbull Tagged
– Played alongside Get Loaded Records Label Manager – Kyle Bourke
– Starting to experiment and listen to more genres. One of the best things about Lotus Room, the crowd is very open to a wide variety of genres so switching up makes it so much more interesting for both the DJ and the audience!
– Sleeping pattern has become atrocious as expected after late nights out partying haha 😛

Tue 26.06.12

Splurge Colourfest Wellington

The team at Splurge sure know how to throw a party! This is probably the biggest crowd I’ve played to so far, INSAAAANE!

Get ready for the next one, it’s coming 😉